Three Components of a Healthy Living

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

🧩 There is a lot to learn about how our body functions, what works and what doesn’t, what plays a greater role for the goals we have and what is totally insignificant, how to balance things out in to make healthy living sustainable. However, all of us have known the key elements of healthy living since we were kids.

🍬 Along with this knowledge from our childhood we also carry a desire to believe in miracles. This transforms into adults being so easily tricked with promises of magic bullets, quick fixes and secret formulas that will solve all our problems at once, create all changes overnight, transport us into our Dreamland, where we are who we want to be and look fabulous.

💸 Some may want to take our pure childish dreams and turn them into a weapon against us by spreading nonsense and lies, selling us inefficient and even harmful solutions. All the confusion in health and fitness industry is created by the hype, the desire to make a sensation out of nothing for the sake of attracting attention and turning it into profit. No conspiracy, no judgement, just a reality of the modern world that requires awareness.

🔙 If you’ve experienced disappointment from spending money, time and energy on something that doesn't work, if you're tired of false hopes, it may be a time for you to go back to what you’ve known all along.

❓ What do you think are the 3 most fundamental building blocks of a healthy lifestyle?

I'm 💯 sure you got it totally right ⬇️







Tap ❤️ if you got at least one right

❓So which one do you think comes first?

Let us know in the comments below! ⠀

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